μLOT® technology

The μLOT® technology platform is a “chemical assembly line” that uses a ribbon made of polymer mesh that has sachet pockets containing a solid-phase resin that moves continuously through all the various chemical stages of manufacture – all manufacturing stages are on-going at the same time.

The ribbon is tailored according to the medicine being produced.

As the ribbon goes through the manufacturing process, there is very close monitoring of every sachet so that high quality tracking can be ensured through every single step in a continuous fashion. 

The solvents and other chemicals which react with the resin in the sachets to produce the peptide move in a counter current allowing for full utilisation of the chemicals to minimise use of these toxic chemicals.

This composite ribbon technology is based on the functions of Houghten’s Tea bag (1985) and the development of a superior mixing technology using ultrasound to create a robust platform technology.

μLOT® incorporates The OneGo optimization tool which was, developed by SB3000, as a way to perform multifactorial process optimization - i.e. varying multi process parameters such as: temperature, mixing power in a series of experiments and assessing the impact on chemistry, purity, yield, durability –and can track product quality at every moment during and all the way to the end of the manufacturing process.

Using cloud technology allows SB3000 to remotely monitor and adjust the continuous manufacturing process in real time.

Through collection of big data and AI, SB3000 is able to continually maximize the OneGo optimization tool and the continuous manufacturing process.

Chemical assembly line

The μLOT® platform is a “chemical assembly line” which uses a ribbon made of polymer mesh with sachet pockets containing a solid-phase resin. This moves continuously through all the chemical stages of manufacture. The ribbon is tailored according to the solid-phase resin, sachet size and spacing of the sachets to optimise the process.

Throughout the process there is enabling in-line process analytical technologies (PAT), providing an unprecedented level of quality, control close monitoring of every sachet so that high quality is assured. In contrast, batch manufacturing can never guarantee the quality of every part of the batch. If there is an issue the whole batch has to be discarded causing delays, financial loss, and significant cost for disposal. μLOT® also dramatically reduces the use of toxic solvents costing billions of dollars a year.


μLOT® utilises a counter current allowing the ribbon and fluids to flow in opposite directions. This promotes the efficient use of reagents and solvents. By connecting multiple modules together, the counter current effect can be further enhanced.


μLOT® employs ultrasound technology to promote thorough mixing of the fluids and resin beads within each ribbon packet.

Ribbon Tracking

μLOT® offers unprecedented levels of in-line analytics and data acquisition. The combination of ribbon tracking, real time process analytics and control establishes the potential for a closed loop validation environment.


μLOT® uses a continuous solid phase ribbon, incorporating packets containing resin beads, to flow through the various chemical stages. The product can then be efficiently chemically cleaved and collected at the end for downstream processing.