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The Swedish Energy Agency grants support to Swedish Biomimetics 3000®

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted its support to Swedish Biomimetics 3000® and the Combustion Centre at Lund University for the continued development of an AdBlue Injector emissions treatment system, Biomimetically inspired by the Bombardier Beetle’s defence mechanism.

The AdBlue Project is a co-funded 12 month project totalling up to 3 million SEK.

The project is conducted within the framework of The Swedish Energy AgencyProgram “Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation” (FFI).

The multidisciplinary FFI project is focused upon Swedish Biomimetics 3000®’s μMist® platform technology. This potentially breakthrough technology utilises a radically different mechanism for producing highly uniform, tuneable fine droplets, inspired by the Bombardier Beetle. The μMist® technology is also being considered for development in collaboration with market leading industrial partner for applications within personal care and consumer industries.

Lars-Uno Larsson, Chief Executive Officer of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® said,

“ To have the AdBlue Project to be part of the FFI Program in collaboration with theCombustion Centre at Lund University, a world leading research institution, is for our SME organisation very stimulating which should further the continued development of the μMist® AdBlue Injection system. The technology has the potential to demonstrate advantages over existing techniques of emissions treatment and the delivering of fuel savings.”

“We are very pleased to be part of this project in developing a biomimetically inspired technology that has the potential to save both fuel and improve emissions, with reduced space requirement for light-duty as well as heavy-duty vehicles. The new knowledge generated within the project will also further strengthen the Lund University within the field of exhaust after-treatment”, says Per Tunestål, Professor at the Combustion Engine Division of Lund University.

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