Help us solve the global challenge


SB3000 is a ground-breaking life science company, which has developed a patented green technology platform for use in the continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.  The μLOT® technology platform is a “chemical assembly line” that uses a ribbon made of polymer mesh that has sachet pockets containing a solid-phase resin that moves continuously through all the various chemical stages of manufacture – all manufacturing stages are on-going at the same time.


The global challenge

When using current state of the art batch manufacturing, an estimated 4000 kg of genotoxic solvents is consumed to manufacture 1 kg peptide generating the same amount of hazardous waste - this is not sustainable!

Batch manufacturing was invented before 1500 and the first real innovation happened with the introduction of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) as a major disruption enabling industrialisation of peptide synthesis when Nobel laureate Robert Bruce Merrifield first introduced this in 1963.

SPPS enabled for the first-time synthesis of long peptides at industrial scale. It is becoming more and more evident that future manufacturing processes are environmentally sustainable; however, no development has seen the light of day since then, despite the urgent need for innovation. An estimated 4000 kg of toxic solvents is consumed when manufacturing 1 kg of a 30 amino acid peptide generating the same amount of hazardous waste.