No scale up necessary just run the line for longer.

The manufacturing equipment has to be redesigned and manufactured for each scale up of production from pre-clinical to clinical to commercial.


No delays between pre-clinical, clinical and commercial production same production line runs longer. 

The scale up and cost of batch manufacturing is both costly and time consuming and is often a deterrent to development.


Throughout the μLOT® process there is in-line process analytical technologies (PAT), providing an unprecedented level of quality monitoring of every sachet so that high quality is assured. In the unlikely event of a quality issue the line can be cut and a few sachets removed. No loss of time and tiny cost.

Because of the nature of batch manufacturing it is impossible to have continuous quality control and many whole batches have to be discarded as they have not met the quality standards. This involves considerable delay and great cost.


μLOT® as an integrated manufacturing process which can be put in a container and transported anywhere.

The batch manufacturing process is cumbersome and cannot be dismantled and set up without considerable cost and time implications.


μLOT® can be used not only on manufacturing peptides. The ribbon can be adapted to any solidphase resin and the μLOT® modules to any solvent enabling the technology platform to be used in any chemical manufacturing process which depends on the separation of a solid and a liquid phase. μLOT® is modular and therefore infinitely customisable and scalable, which allows a system to be built up quickly.

Each batch manufacturing unit is only designed for a particular peptide.


μLOT® uses a tenth of the solvent required by the batch process, has a much lower day to day energy requirement and as no scale up is required a much lower carbon footprint.

The batch manufacturing process uses a great deal of highly toxic chemical solvents which also have to be disposed of. The two scale ups to get to commercial production create a significant carbon footprint.


μLOT® has no scale up, low solvent use, less power required and minimal failure costs – a few feet of ribbon.

Is hugely more expensive due to the cost of upscaling the manufacturing plant, the amount of toxic solvents used and to be disposed of, day to day energy costs, failure of batches – which can be as high as $5million a batch.