Biomimetics is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. 

    The term “biomimetics” derives from Ancient Greek: βίος (bios), life, and µίµησις , imitation.

Now based in Copenhagen, SB3000 ApS will have key operations in both the UK and Denmark.  

Our science hub at DTU:

Swedish Biomimetics 3000 ApS
Diplomvej 381
2800 Kongens Lyngby


Over the last several years, SB3000 has developed continuous manufacturing technology based on solid liquid-phase chemistry, including the development of a superior mixing technology using ultrasound to create a robust platform technology. This disruptive technology has already been proven in a proof of concept model. 

Our precision engineering hub in Hethel:

Swedish Biomimetics 3000 Ltd,
Hethel Innovation Centre, Chapman Way,
Hethel, Norfolk, NR14 8FB
Great Britain



Swedish Biomimetics 3000 is at the forefront of creating a platform technology that will advance not only therapeutic peptide production but also any form of chemistry or process based on a solid-liquid phase interaction including chromatography.

We believe that the µLOT® process will speed up
development, reduce cost and enable the synthesis of drugs currently not economically or technically possible to produce. At present the process is applicable to 80% of the market. We are developing the technology to cover the remaining market by including novel peptide designs such as lipid- and antibody-conjugations.

JENS BUKRINSKY, Chief R&D Officer, SB3000®


Zsolt Lavotha

Zsolt has four decades in the Healthcare Industry successfully running multibillion-dollar operations.

He started his career at Pfizer, where he spent 20 years with ever increasing responsibilities. He later became head of Wyeth (now Pfizer) business in Europe / Middle East and Africa.

For the past fifteen years, Zsolt has been advising and successfully building start-up companies, designing their strategic development plan and implementing IPO (NASDAQ) and M&A strategies.

Torgeir Vaage

Torgeir has more than 20 years’ experience in biotech and financing, and multiple CFO and CEO roles in early-stage life science companies.

Former equity analyst and partner at ABG Sundal Collier.

Torgeir holds an PhD in business administration from Berkeley, California.

Chief R&D Officer 
Jens Bukrinski

Jens has 20+ years’ experience in the pharmaceutical development from Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and as an independent advisor.

Experience in the development of technology platforms supporting the pharma industry, and involvement in 30+ drug development projects, with 6 drugs & 2 technology platforms successfully approved, launched and commercialized.

His experience spans all stages from early-stage R&D through clinical development including FDA and EMA approval and life cycle management.

Director of Business Operations
Lise Agersted

Lise has +10 years’ experience in drug development within CMC from Novo Nordisk and biotech in both scientific and senior project management roles.

She holds a MSc in Pharmacy and an MBA in innovative management from Ecole des Pont Business school in Paris.

Director of Technical Operations
Will Lennard

Will holds a BEng Hons in mechanical engineering, and has +20 years’ experience within precision & complex multi-discipline engineering environments.

Prior to joining SB3000 he held engineering and manager positions at engineering technology development companies, including automotive (Lotus Engineering, Stewart GP F1 Team), Aerospace (B/E Aerospace), new innovation businesses (AT Power Ltd, PTech Ltd), and electronics (Hamlin Ltd).

Chief Engineer
Simon Mulvany

Simon holds a BEng in Automotive Electronics and has +20 years design and development experience acquired from the Automotive, Motorsport, Environmental Clean Up and Power Storage industries.

Simon held senior positions at Lotus Engineering, Lotus Motorsport and AIC Labs prior to joining SB3000.

Andy Prewer

Andy holds a Masters in Organic Chemistry. In 2006 he invented what would become known the µLOT® technology - an assembly line for molecules.

He has more than 10 years of experience of continuous manufacturing, and a global network in the area. Andy is an innovator and inventor by heart.




Zsolt Lavotha
Chairman & CEO SB3000

ApS, ex Pfizer, Wyeth, Rhone Poulenc, Orexo, ZEL Advisory Group

Prof Trevor Jones CBE
Hon FBPhS, Chair, Dir. Several global healthcare companies, ex-Head of R&D Wellcome

Jo Pisani

ex PWC Pharma & Life Science Lead

Dr. Alain Scarso
ex UCB, Lonza, PolyPeptide

MC. Luthman

Wistrand Advokatbyra, Bird & Bird

Peter Brunse
Experienced senior leader and board member in Pharma. Former EVP Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

SB3000 AB

Swedish based Swedish Biomimetics 3000 AB is a majority shareholder in SB3000 ApS, led by Lars Uno Larsson, a serial entrepreneur.  

SB3000 AB is a pioneer in the field of biomimetics which is to find, develop and launch technologies inspired by nature and to apply them to today’s  enviromental and climate change challenges .

SB3000 AB is also a majority investor in Swedish Biomimetics 3000 µMist Technologies Ltd, a disruptive innovative enviromental friendlier spray technology inspired by the Bombardier beetle. The µMist technology is set to disrupt a $200 billion spray market across a number of different industries.