SB3000 the life science technology company establishes its HQ in Copenhagen.

16th September 2020

Swedish Biomimetics 3000 Ltd, a life science technology company which has developed a world leading green technology platform used in the continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, has established a new head office and scientific research facilities in Copenhagen. The company, which is called Swedish Biomimetics 3000 ApS, believes that it will benefit from the sector specific expertise in Denmark in expanding its capabilities. Going forward, the company will have key operations in both the UK and Denmark. 

SB3000 ApS is initially focused on replacing traditional batch manufacturing in the production of peptide medicines, which are particularly expensive and environmentally damaging to produce and are holding back research into the development of new medicines. The company, has recently signed a research agreement with a top-ten global pharma company and obtained a letter of intent from a top EU based specialty pharma company which has initiated negotiations on a commercial agreement.

There is huge pressure by both regulatory authorities such as the FDA and international agreements to move to continuous manufacturing and reduce the amount of toxic chemicals used in the production of medicines. Denmark’s internationally acknowledged leadership in peptide processing and its expertise in green chemistry provides the company with an environment that will help it to further develop its groundbreaking µLOT® Technology. It will continue to work in close collaboration with both Copenhagen University and leading industry life science companies in both Denmark and Sweden.

About SB3000 ApS

SB3000 ApS is dedicated to developing green manufacturing technology solutions for continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry. Over the last few years the company has been developing its μLOT® solid phase, continuous manufacturing technology for the manufacture of peptide medicines with the potential to expand the use of the µLOT® technology into many other manufacturing applications.

Notes to the Editor

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Zsolt Lavotha has been appointed acting CEO of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd

20th July 2020

Zsolt Lavotha has been appointed acting CEO of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd (SB3000 Ltd), a pioneer in green, continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Zsolt has extensive experience in healthcare in both large pharma and biotech including senior global positions in Wyeth and Pfizer, CEO of Orexo and Lavipharm.  Zsolt will be taking day to day control of the technical teams who are based in Norfolk UK, Lund Sweden and Copenhagen Denmark and will lead the ongoing partnership programmes with a variety of organisations including major pharma and contract manufacturers.

This follows the resignation of Andreas Segerros, who is joining a life sciences focused venture fund.  A search for a new CEO has been initiated.

About Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd (SB3000 Ltd)

SB3000 Ltd was founded by Lars-Uno Larsson; serial entrepreneur and recipient of The Honoree Award for Visionary and Pioneering Guidance in the Orphan Drug area.  Over the last few years SB3000 Ltd has developed a ground breaking solid phase continuous manufacturing synthesis solution, named µLOT®, aimed at replacing the expensive and environmentally damaging batch processing, which currently is being widely used in manufacturing medicinal products.  The Company is initially focusing on the continuous manufacture of peptides, as the present batch process is highly toxic, expensive, can be of variable quality and is inflexible.